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Nothing says status symbol quite like Cartier watches. Because if you just wanted to know the time, any casual watch will do the job and not break the bank. But if you want to adorn your wrist with the ultimate form of luxury, Cartier watches are your best bet.
Whether it’s new or used, Cartier watches are an important investment. Thanks to advanced technology, they are finely crafted to the point of extreme precision and excellent mechanism. Also, it’s got big bling factor. As one of the world’s most valuable timepieces, Cartier watches stand the test of time in class, prestige and elegance.
Dating back to 1847, many models of Cartier jewelry and wristwatches have been produced by the company. It was founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris, where it presently remains the home of the headquarters on the upmarket jewelry strip, Rue de la Paix. Since its inception, Cartier jewelry has been closely linked to kings and jewelry high rollers who admired the gold and sparkles. Among these elites, it was the creativity, individuality and craftsmanship of the jewelry that stood out. In fact, King Edward VII of England famously called Cartier the “king of jewelers and jeweler of kings.”
It wasn’t until 1904 that the company introduced the first Cartier watch for men. Inspired by a Brazilian aviator named Alberto Santos-Dumont who complained about the nuisances of a pocket watch, Cartier set out to make a practical watch. It would have a flat face and rounded angles around the dial. It would have a leather strap bracelet attached to the horns on both sides of the case. It would also have a beautiful sapphire cabochon on the winder. And most of all, it would sit comfortably on the wrist of the wearer. This Cartier gold watch was named the Santos. It was sold in 1911 and became one of the first practical Cartier watches for men.
Of course, men aren’t the only ones who get to wear Cartier watches. Women can also grace their wrists with the dazzling timepiece. The watchmaking company produced the breathtaking Tank watch in 1917. Cartier was inspired by the parallel treads of a Renault tank that he saw during World War 1. He even gave the first prototype to American General Pershing. Since then, the Tank has grown into a collection of Cartier gold watches refined to a clean elegance. When worn on a woman’s wrist, it looks at once powerful and delicate.
Uniqueness and exclusivity are the epitome of Cartier watches. Women and men make up the clientele who are constantly inspired by the distinctive identity of Cartier’s jewelry and timepieces.

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